SPX 42 divecomputer

The SPX 42 is a full Trimix (TMX) compatible dive computer / System Controller. The used color OLED display  (2.4 "/ 320 x 240 pixels) offers an optimal viewing clarity with the highest possible viewing angle.


It also includes:

  • Setpointcontroller for controlling a solenoid (GEM)
  • Connection of a TCM (Temperature Cluster Monitor)or Submatix CO2 Sensor. Only in conjunction with solenoid board possible.
  • Head Up Display (HUD)
  • During the development special attention has been paid to reliability, easy handling and maximum security.
  • It is supplied with a fixed cable connected or 11 Pin connector and  optional 7-pin Fischer connector.



  • left and right usable, the display can be rotated electronically to 180 degrees.
  • Operated by only two piezo-switches
  • Connection 1-3 oxygen sensors and 1 x CO2 sensor possible
  • Settings and log management can be done simply through a Bluetooth module (optional)
  • Configuration/ read out the logs via bluethooth (Windows/Linux/Mac/Android) show in downloads


  • Setpoint Solenoid adjustable  by User from 0.7 / 1.0 -1.6
  • Gradientfaktoren adjustable
  • Dee adjustable stop
  • Dynamic gradient  adjustable
  • Gaslist with eight adjustable gas mixtures
  • Switch CCR / SCR / PSCR / OC

options for SPX42

Technical data

  • processor AVR UC3 32-bit CPU
  • RAM 256/512 MB RAM
  • Data memory 64 KB EEPROM, 2 GB FlashRAM (expandable to 32 GB)
  • Opt display 2.4 "OLED display, resolution 320 x 240 pixels, 65,000 colors, 170 ° viewing angle
  • Acoust. Display piezo buzzer for audible alerts
  • Sensors Intersema pressure sensor (0-14/30 bar), temperature sensor, light sensor
  • Wireless connection Bluetooth 1.2 optional
  • Power supply batterys in AA size
  • Controls two piezo switches for safe operation, even at great depths
  • Fixing Dual-Flex strap with Fastex buckles, alternative mounting bracket
  • Case 3-POM-milled case, 8 mm borosilicate glass plate(no scratching possible)
  • Operation depth max. 130 m in version N, max. 290 m in version T
  • Dimensions 110 x 70 x 35 mm (WxHxD)
  • Weight 380 gram