SMS 200 Sidemount Rebreather

SMS 200 Sidemount Rebreather

The SMS 200 is a complete on bord gas supplied sidemount Rebreather

al componenets stored in a extreme robust CFK tube. The system is left and right usable.

The basic model its an easy to handle CCR KISS system .

The SMS 200 its expandable to an full electronic eCCR system. 

Basic Version

  • on bord Gassupplie  1 x 1 Litre DIL cylinder and 1 x 1 Litre O2 Cylinder
  • Pressure reducer with pressure gauges
  • 1 x Oxyscan 100 PPO2 Monitoring
  • O2 Booster with adjustabl needle valvel
  • Exhale bag with 6 litre moved volume and over pressure valvel
  • scrubber cartridge  2.5 Kg Absorbermaterial
  • Multikhead with sensorchamber for max 4 sensors
  • ADV inside multihead
  • breathing loop with Submatix mouthpice
  • X Con Connectors

Options :

  • Oxycsan 100
  • Head Up Display
  • waterwarning
  • GEM Gas andd Electronic Modul zur eCCR extension
  • SPX42 Dive computer / Setpoint Controler
  • external gas connection