distribution only outside the EU , no CE

The Submatix  COMB O2 its an front mount Oxygen rebreather.

The system is expandable up to an electronic eCCR Rebreather system.

System specifics

  • all components assembled inside a hard case.
  • twin piece scubber cartridge mounted inside the breathing bag.Thereby a maximezed breathing volume and a opttimum thermic isolation from the scrubber material. Filling max 2 x 1.35 Kg
  • Easy assemble and disassemble from the scrubber cartridges via Pro-Con connectors.
  • Breathing hose with Pro-Con connectors and one hand usable mouthpice.
  • Expandable up to an Combi system with backmount Nitrox cylinder.Gas switch at the right side from the hard case.
  • Expandable up to an electronic eCCR system.Manual gas switch to switch in to the O2 mode in shallow water.
  • Setpoint controler with switchable setpoints  0.4 und 1.2
  • seperate PPO 2 Monitoring via HUD for monitoring the PPO2 and RED LED for low and high PPO2 warnings
  • max 3 Sensors inside the breathing loop at the inhale side
More information on request